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Using Police Cameras

Criminals are getting cleverer by each coming day. It’s a big challenge for police department to move with the passage of time. POLICE OFFICER-GIVING DIRECTIONS 1One big step taken by the police is the usage of body cameras. These are the tiny cameras on different gadgets of daily usage. Size of the cameras is too small to be noticeable. Body cameras work as the artificial eye of a human. Every thing a human sees will be recorded in the memory of the body cam. After the usage of these cams a remarkable change has noticed in the investigations. The recordings of these are considered more efficient than that of the memory of a human being. As Human memory can’t save the exact image of a person seen by him of short duration. And he can focus only one thing at a time. But police body cams don’t have such limitations. One best thing about these is that they are neutral. They have no concern about the lose or gain of any person they will always speak the truth. But there are also some problems in working with them. One major problem is the memory. No one can use it 24/7 because of the shortage of battery and memory. So, initialization of camera is required by the user if he notices something unusual. Moreover you need to select a gadget which will be a part of your body 24 hours a day which could be inconvenient for some people. To solve these problems body cams are being used with the things of daily uses like glasses, Lipsticks, pens, or on the chest of uniforms of police officers. All you have to do is just to double click on button and your artificial eye will be active. Double click is necessary to prevent the accidental click and memory loss of cameras.